Love inception

An ‘idea’ was believed to be the most powerful weapon in the universe. The human race had always believed that the man who managed to plant an idea deep inside another man’s mind would conquer the world. That was the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything. That was 42.

Love inception is a valuable and standard practice nowadays in this technologically advanced society of ours, in which we are not any more mere bodies led by post-human idle minds playing Gods.

Our society evolved from the conventional family model from the 2nd millennium of our era to the self-sufficient thinking individual role in the 3rd millennium. Once the family unit was not considered any longer appropriate for the reproduction, education and evolution of the species, our ancient human trends moved into further types of social and sexual relationships. Sensorial computer-aided sex with IVF and other ARTs was discarded centuries later, when the man freed himself from the simulated reality, foreseen by Bostrom in the 21st century and which lasted one thousand years.

Sick and tired of predictability, the human being resumed the random joy and miseries of love, which ruled the world once upon a time ages ago. Nowadays, there is no sex without love. This issue raises and demands the evolution of philosophical diatribes and encourages technological developments in inception.

Nowadays, we believe that only when we make love to someone who loves, we get to feel the passion of their thoughts, their skins burning when touching ours, their eyes browsing deep inside our dreams, our sexes arousing every inch of our deepest needs. Only love sets our bodies on fire and drives sex to ecstasy. That is what we believe.

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Tengo un único objetivo en la vida: encontrar a mi amor. Y un único obstáculo para la consecución de mi objetivo: sufro el síndrome de Korsakoff, una pérdida de la memoria episódica de las experiencias vividas, un síndrome de amnesia confabulatoria.
A mi favor, cuento con una inteligencia superdotada que me permite maquinar, organizar y estructurar mi búsqueda con mil ingeniosas estratagemas, sistemas de archivo y planificación, técnicas estratégicas, y deducciones lógicas y psicológicas. Yo solo deseo encontrar a mi amor.

Mi memoria tiene una capacidad funcional límite de 24 horas y mi «objetivo» es el único recuerdo que conserva mi memoria a largo plazo. Mi vida tiene la duración de un día. Cada paso es mi destino. Cada batalla es la victoria o la derrota. Mi vida dura solo 24 horas.

Buscaba a mi amor en cada cama. Sabía que solo al hacer el amor descubriría si mi búsqueda había concluido o no. No podía recordar el rostro de mi amado, solo la sensación de tenerlo bajo mi cuerpo entre mis brazos, de devorar su boca hasta la garganta, de sentir su sexo penetrarme con rabia, de que me follara hasta la extenuación.

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